An interview with author CJ Matthew


Karen Porter, news desk, Santa Barbara Tattler

SB Tattler: Before you tell us about yourself, please explain what exactly constitutes paranormal romantic suspense?
CJ: All my books are romances. The couples struggle to work through all the issues keeping them apart. Then if they happen to be a different species, that’s an additional issue, a serious hindrance to any romance story. Since most of the characters in the Shore Shifters are dolphins that nudges my books into the paranormal realm. Finally, my heroes and heroines all too frequently find themselves in mortal danger. When a story includes murder, corporate intrigue, and espionage, when the characters face bullets, bombs, and bullies while they try to expose the companies and individuals responsible for destroying our coastlines? That spells suspense.

SB Tattler: Dolphin shape shifters?
CJ: As the background for the Shore Shifters series, I expanded on a California Chumash Native American legend about the origins of the dolphins in the Santa Barbara Channel. Wild dolphins are highly organized, smart, protective, communicative, and sexy. The Shore Shifters put all those talents to work taking turns running a huge California corporation, Save Blue Water or SBW, dedicated to protecting the oceans.

SB Tattler: How exactly does the danger come in?
CJ: Within SBW is a militant and secretive field ops team. These powerful, cunning dolphin shifters travel to investigate oil spills, toxic dumping, and any threat to our oceans. Alpha men with mad skills, they work with whistle-blowers and go up against various criminals getting rich from polluting the oceans. It’s inherently hazardous duty.

SB Tattler: Were you born near the ocean?
CJ: No, in the middle of the US. But I lived in southern California where I fell in love with the amazing Pacific Ocean. Now I live in eastern Georgia where I have easy access to the Atlantic.

SB Tattler: When did you start writing?
CJ: I’ve written in a casual way for many years, jotting down notes and story ideas in long-hand filling notebooks. About eight years ago I decided to get serious and began to develop my craft. I love romance, and the sub-genres of suspense, and paranormal, so it’s exciting to combine them in an ongoing series of books.

SB Tattler: When can we look for the Shore Shifter books in book stores and online?
CJ: Right now! The first three of the Dolphin Shore Shifters books are available at most ebook sites and trade paperbacks are selling at bookstores and at Amazon. Book Four, Lethal Tide, is due out in late March 2016. The best way to stay current with the books is to follow my Facebook page: CJ Matthew HERE. Or check back on my website CJMATTHEW.COM

SB Tattler: Thanks for your time.
CJ: My pleasure.