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Welcome to Sea Force!

We at Save Blue Water want to thank you for joining our elite team, Sea Force, in the fight for Ocean Conservation around the globe!

If you live near a beautiful shore next to any of the world’s oceans, you are a daily witness to the beauty of the Earth’s marine space that we are struggling to preserve. If you live in a land-locked area, we extend special commendations to you for taking up this challenge when you cannot immediately see the rewards of your efforts.

You are not alone. Many of our team members have no ocean or sea within miles of their homes, but they recognize the importance of one individual reaching out to influence their fellows. And we especially thank you for your caring and concern.

Save Blue Water (SBW) is an ocean conservation and protection organization founded on the premise that the world’s seas and oceans are critical to man’s survival and the earth’s balance. Well worth protecting and defending. Based in Santa Barbara, California, SBW has grown from a hearty group of volunteers to an international organization with more than 6 million Sea Force Team members and sponsors.

There is a critical role for you in the conservation movement, and SBW is committed to helping you and concerned people just like you around the world to mobilize to protect all the salt water environments and all the species that inhabit them.

Sounds like an overwhelming task? With 71% of the globe covered in water, there is an enormous opportunity for devastating oil spills, marine wild-life abuse and neglect, and even intentional criminal dumping, indiscriminate and illegal hunting and fishing. But by joining the Sea Force, together we can have the greatest impact possible.

Again, thank you for caring enough to join our action group, Sea Force! Check back to our website to get updates on breaking news, urgent alerts, and events in your area.


R. Reefler, President
Save Blue Water
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